I stumbled upon this piece of silliness on LinkedIn, the home of much earnest Internet silliness. (Even the Guardian, which never met a bleeding heart…

February 2023

My sister died two weeks ago. We have just returned home from her funeral. In October, she began to feel tired. By January, she was dead of an…

January 2023

Reflections on beginning to read Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow
Free sample chapter

December 2022

There is a somewhat odd-sounding line in Dr. No: Major Boothroyd : [to Bond] Walther PPK, 7.65 millimeter, with a delivery like a brick through a…
A Christmas Story With Easter Eggs
The task for every author is finding an audience. If your book is any good (and I have some reason to believe that mine aren’t bad) then there is an…

November 2022

The function of beauty in literature, and in art more generally, is a complex one. But it has come to be challenged more in the current age, where the…
I’m pleased to announce that St. Agnes and the Selkie, the sequel to The Wistful and the Good is now available in eBook form, with paperback to follow…
I’m experimenting with Bookfunnel sales promos for Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight. You would oblige me by clicking though to Fantastic Female Led…
The great shift that reshaped roles, relationships, and societies

October 2022

Why Story Seems to be Increasingly Taking a Back Seat